Ø  Over sixteen years’ experience in the Information Technology field

Ø  Web tools: SharePoint Designer, FrontPage, Visual Interdev, Visual Studios 2005/2008/2010, Flash 4/MX, Dream Weaver 8, ASP, ASP.Net, C#, VB/Java-script, HTML, CSS and DHTML

Ø  Have overseen and implemented web applications through their full life cycle

Ø  Ten years’ experience in administering/implementing and Developing with MS SQL Server (6.5,7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008, R2)

Ø  Over 3 years’ experience with VB 5.0/6.0/ASP.Net

Ø  Over five years of experience in design and administering NT networks

Ø  Solid knowledge of Visual Studios Team Foundation Server (Source Control, SharePoint, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Work Item Tracking, etc.)

Ø  Familiar with Oracle implementation and maintenance and HPUX and Sun Solaris


Operating Systems

Win 3.1 – 2007, NT 4 WS & Svr, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, Vista, XP , HPUX, Solaris

Back Office

Proxy 2.0, IIS 4.0, Exchange 5.5, SMS, SQL 6.5/7/2000/2005/2008/R2


VB 6, VB Script, Jscript, C#, ASP, .Net,COBOL,RPG, BASIC, VS 2k3/2k5/2k8/2010


MS Access, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2005/2008/2008R2, Oracle 7.3.4


HTML, DHTML, ASP, .Net, FrontPage, Visual Interdev, Visual Studios 2005/2008/2010, AJAX, Quark Express, Photoshop CS, Flash 4, CSS, FTP, IIS


Microsoft Transaction Server, COM/DCOM, COM+, Entity Framework, Web Services


HP, Compaq, Digital, IBM, Dell, Generic makes, Network Topologies


Siebel Call Center, Siebel Tools

Other Applications

MS Office, Publisher, Lotus Notes, Lotus Suite, Application Expert, Crystal Reports

Team Foundation

VSTF Whidbey/Orcas, SharePoint, Reporting Services, SSIS, Analysis Services, SCC


1998 – 2000        Productivity Point International                            Jacksonville , FL

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

·         Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Development and Enterprise 6.0

·         Mastering Distributed Application Design and Development using Visual Studio 6

·         Implementing Databases with SQL Server 7.0

·         System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

·         Access 2000

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

·         Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server

·         Microsoft NT Server 4.0 and NT Workstation 4.

·         Microsoft NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise

·         Microsoft TCP/IP

Certified COBOL Programmer, Miami, FL


08/11 – Present   TechUnited, Inc.                                                       Bonita Springs, FL

SQL/Web Developer

Created various web sites for community based non-profit organizations and their members.

Worked in-house and at client sites

·         Cendyn
Agent, New Member sign-up, Synchronization with ICE security web services, SendGrid email services, Helper classes

o   Resort Membership Site

§  Site built on HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery


·         Utilizing Classic ASP, C#, .Net, Visual Studios 2010, Entity Framework, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript, Validation, ICE, SendGrid, Web Services, utilityHelper classes

· (Pending)

o   Website for recruiting company

§  Login module (Converted from standard ASP.Net site db to SQL Server)

§  Corporate Training

§  Job placement services

§  Technical Service and Support

§  Messaging module

§  Website creation and customizations offering

o   Utilizing SQL Server, ASP.Net, AJAX (jQuery), CSS, Javascript, Exchange Server, SMTP



o   Web site promoting Natural Health

§  Design front-end site

§  Patient Intake App

o   Utilizing SQL Server, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail



o   Community Server implementation

§  Forums

§  Blogs

§  News

§  Video Lecture database

o   Utilizing SQL Server, ASP.Net, CSS, Community Server CMS, Telerik RAD Controls, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail, PowerDirector video editing tool



o   Mosque Web Site

§  Multi-language Quran app

§  Online Quiz engine

§  Homework Helper Math problem generator

o   Utilizing SQL Server, ASP.Net, AJAX (jQuery), CSS, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail



o   Restaurant Web Site

§  Built site using HTML, CSS & jQuery, ASP.Net, SQL Server

§  Database driven Menu system

§  Photoshop, Corel Draw

o   Utilizing HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Corel Draw, ASP.Net, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail



o   Online eCommerce site

§  Shopping cart

§  Merchant integration

§  Forums

§  News

§  Blogs

o   Utilizing ASP.Net MVC, AJAX, CSS, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail



o   Gold dealer

§  Built site using HTML, CSS & jQuery

§  Photoshop, Corel Draw


o   Utilizing HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Corel Draw, ASP.Net, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail


o   Veterinary clinic

§  Built site using HTML, CSS & jQuery

§  Photoshop, Corel Draw


o   Utilizing HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Corel Draw, ASP.Net, Exchange Server, SMTP Mail


o   Travel Agency Web Site

§  Site built on HTML, CSS & Flash


o   Utilizing Macromedia Flash, CSS, HTML

Classic ASP, ASP.Net, C#, Web Services, SendGrid Email services, XML, Entity Framework

Environment:  Visual Studios 2010, AJAX Toolkit (jQuery), SQL Server 2008 R2, (SSRS) Reporting Services, Javascript, VB/C#.Net, (SPS) SharePoint, WSS 3.0, MS Exchange Server, MS Visio, CorelDraw X4, MS Access, Entity Framework, SendGrid, Web Service, MS Project, Flash editor, Cloud based email services – Google

05/08 – 08/11        Microsoft, Inc                                                                       Redmond, WA

Sr. Systems Engineer/Build Engineer

Worked in the Service Transition team in SDO as a build engineer but also contributed to tooling, reporting and automation.

·         Day to Day

°         Deployed software in PPE and Production environments

°         Document Reviews

°         Code Reviews

°         Environment Prep

°         Server decommissioning

°         Platform and server maintenance

°         Training L2

°         Maintain SOP documents

·         Projects

°         DeployDoc Tool

°         Wrote the BRD for a deployment doc tool which would maximize the efficiency of work done by the various teams in the deployment process

°         Designed and implemented the back-end data structure

°         The old process was for the Dev team to write the initial deployment document, Test team to make modifications, Service Transition to do the doc review and submit changes through emails and track the deployment process through an external tool. The process also involved lengthy preparation of documents for deployment to a particular environment.

°         The solution was to build a web based tool which would accept parameters to create a new proposed document, pull data from a CMDB and merge the data into a deployment document.

°         Automation Tool

°         Created a prototype for Phase II of the DeployDoc Tool in Silverlight

°         The tool took various types of deployments into account and for each type, built a process and work flow which created the script for the entire deployment to be run automated. Once the deployment was run successfully, an option would be available to make it part of the DSL (Definitive Software Library).

°         Sufficient budget was not allocated for the project

°         Deployment Notification Tool

°         Problem statement: The system for managing the deployments did not have a usable notification option. We also needed a centralized easy to use calendar which could be accessed by various teams and can be managed by our SRMs (Service Release Managers). The process was manual and required for SBEs (Service Build Engineers) to fill out various data which many engineering teams complained were inconsistent. All dev work on new applications were halted due to evangelization of a centralized tool but the tool did not provide the necessary functionality for our teams.

°         Solution: Phase I – Created an email template with the necessary fields which all teams were in agreement with. Phase II – Created a SharePoint “Resource” calendar with the appropriate fields and implemented workflows to perform data validations, automate field population and send out an email notification with the appropriate data to all parties concerned. The SharePoint calendar was adopted throughout the Finance space within Service Transition and applauded by other teams. Phase III – Since this created significantly more work for the SBEs, I created an Excel sheet, in compliance with the policy of not creating new applications, which, based on the unique ID, pulled data from SharePoint calendar and populated the entire template with the pertinent data which would otherwise be required to be filled out manually. The tool also allowed for quick selection of status and automatic scheduling and notification to all parties who needed to be notified. On average it cut down roughly 15 minutes per deployment and gave a consistent look and feel with all relevant data to the customers.

°         CMDB Tool: Wrote a tool for gathering server configuration data from over a thousand servers we support and populate a database

°         Included Machine, Network, Hardware, Software and SQL Server Agent job data

°         Built an SSRS reports application to view data and drill down to pertinent data which included navigation to other reports and analyzing SQL Agent job failure rates and offending server/job

°         Decom Project Plan

°         Created a detailed MS Project plan which helped learn the server decom process in Service Transition

°         Synced up the Project with SharePoint

°         Sanctioned by Team Lead and Adopted by SRM

Environment:  Visual Studios 2005/2008/2010, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, SQL Server 2005/2008/R2, (SSRS) Reporting Services, SSIS, VB-Script, VB/C#.Net, (SPS) SharePoint, WSS 2.0/3.0, Expressions Blend, Silverlight client

04/06 – 05/08        Microsoft, Inc (Contract through Aditi)                            Redmond, WA

Operations Engineer/DBA

Project in Finance IT. Previous project noted below was with the VSTF Team.

·         CSPA Operations

°         Supported several apps in the Finance space

°         Created a KB system in SharePoint

°         Trained new hires

°         Built Server Monitoring CMDB and wrote reports to present data

°         Deployed a solution to gather Server data through WMI calls

°         Set up notifications on threshold

°         Deployed drill-down reports in SSRS and deployed on the SharePoint site

°         SQL Server

°         DBA tasks (Agent jobs, backup/restore, locking and blocking issues, etc.)

°         Security

°         Automation and streamlining

Supported Visual Studios Team Foundation Server since pre-release days. The 2nd most senior Operations Engineer in the team. Supported Orcas (v.2) and have participated in discussions on v.3.

·         Server Support (Problem Management)

°         Deployed VSTF Server Instances over single, dual and 3 layer Implementations

°         Application Tier

°         Data Tier

°         Analysis Services Tier

°         Troubleshoot and resolve issues with SQL Srv, IIS, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, etc.

°         Triage product bugs with the Product team through the bug tracking system

·         Customer Support (Incident Management)

°         Liaison to the Product team

°         Support VSTF across 30 instances, 10,000 users and 500 projects

°         Source Control

°         Work Item Tracking

°         Documents and SharePoint

°         SQL Server Reporting Services

°         SQL Server Analysis Services

·         Support Trainer

°         Trained Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels

°         Lead weekly team meeting with the support group

°         Alert Tuning and Optimization

·         DBA

°         SQL Blocking issues

°         Security

°         Reporting Services

°         Analysis Services

·         Developer (New Project Creation): Created an application to collect requests from customers for creation of new projects

°         C#.Net

°         Telerik Controls

°         SQL Server

Environment:  VSTF Server, Visual Studios 2005/2008, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, SQL Server 2005, (SSRS) Reporting Services, (SSAS) Analysis Services, (SSIS) Integration Services, VB/C#.Net, Visual Source Safe, Product Studio, Source Depot, (SPS) SharePoint, WSS 2.0/3.0

02/06 – 03/06        ProMarketing, Inc (Short-Term Contract)                       Alpharetta, GA

Web Developer

·         Create, Maintain and troubleshoot web sites for clients

°         Stage Development site temporarily at

°         Create secure site for internal use accessible from the internet on a .Net platform

·         Graphic design using MacroMedia FireWorks and Flash MX

Environment:  Dream Weaver, ASP.Net, MacroMedia FireWorks, Flash MX, MS SQL Server, Textpad, Java Script, Visual Interdev, Crystal Reports, IIS

04/98 – 01/06      SoftTech, Inc. (Multiple Projects)       Jacksonville, FL/Atlanta, GA

Worked on an “as needed” basis, in-house and client sites

*Applications/Web Developer/SQL DBA

·         Currently working on Phase II Design:

°         Move security validation and the bulk of the processing to COM components.

·         Developed an application to tie in the local network to the web-based solution.

·         Designed and implemented an Intranet for company use:

°         Intranet applications were used by the company’s employees to navigate through the company network, access the web and share information.  Used and tested Java-Script heavily.

·         Created home page with Flash option for company Website.

·         Planned and designed an Online Recruiting Web Application still being constructed:

°         Created an online site to submit candidates’ resume via the web.  Used Visual Interdev to create ASP pages to push and pull data from a MS SQL Server.  Used FrontPage to upload files to the site and MS Access to test the application locally.  Used Crystal Reports to pull data and display it in a Resume Format

Environment:  FrontPage, Access, VBA, VB 6.0, MS SQL Server, Metapad, Flash 4, Java Script, 1st Page 2000 and Visual Interdev, Crystal Reports, IIS

**Network Administrator

·         Administered and maintained network

·         Planned out Network Architecture, Implemented WINS, DHCP, Remote Administration, Fault Tolerance and Rollout plan

·         Installed and configured RAS Server, IIS Server, MS SQL 7.0, Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 and Exchange Server 5.5

·         Set up Terminal Services for remote connection and Administration

·         Development of Company Website using HTML, FrontPage 2000 and Java Script.

Environment: NT Server, Advanced Server w/ Terminal Services, IIS 4 & 5, MS Proxy 2.0, MS SQL 7.0, Exchange 5.5, RAS, McAfee Anti virus and Remote Desktop.


·         Six Continents Hotels (Formerly Bass Hotels) – Now Intercontinental Hotels 07/01 – 05/02

°         Phase II:  Transformed Budget Estimate data to Project Activity Items

°         Create workflow system for IT, Engineering, Design, PM, GM and Purchasing

°         Tracked workflow through CCA Approval Process

°         Phase III:  Transform Approved Budget to WIP

°         Enter Invoices to track and compare WIP Budget spent amount against the Approved amount

°         Tally total to bring to a Completed Status and update Phase I with the new data

°         Phase IV: Move back-end to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and create web front end for data entry

°         Re-created the tables in SQL Server

°         Re-created the Relationships, resized the Fields and synchronized the data types

°         Linked Access tables to SQL Server, debugged the code and tested the product

°         Created web pages for data entry of selected forms and departmental data

°         Converted Queries to Views and Stored Procedures & Implemented Security model

·         TaxisAtlanta 08/05 – 01/06

°         Created an initial site in HTML, DHTML and Java-Script

°         Helped transition web site to a .Net & SQL Server platform

·         Shop’n Chek 12/01 – 03/02

°         Tested SQL Server for performance bottlenecks

°         Isolated slow running queries and recommended changes

°         Made recommendations to properly normalize the database and enumerated steps

·         Object Frontier 08/01 – 11/01

°         Set up network of NT Servers with IIS, Proxy, Exchange and SQL Server

°         Connected various networks (WAN) as a sing-master domain

°         Enabled remote-administration

·         PBTS, Inc.  03/01 – 05/01

°         Set up the network and accounting software

°         Implemented fault tolerance and disaster recovery scheme for sensitive data

·         Additional clients list available upon request

Environment: NT Server, IIS 4, MS Proxy 2.0, MS SQL 7.0, Exchange 5.5 and Remote Desktop, VNC, ASP, Java-Script, DHTML, HTML, MS SQL 2k, FrontPage, Visual Interdev, Visual Studios

02/05 – 06/05        Prosperiti, LLC                                                                         Atlanta, GA


·         Maintained the QA and Production databases and Web Servers

·         Created Views and wrote stored procedures to perform various functions and reports

·         Modularized the code for efficient execution

·         Troubleshoot and optimized existing Procedures and databases and application written in classic ASP

·         Data Modeling on new projects

·         Managed Database and Network security

·         Created Data recovery and fault tolerance schemes

·         Created DTS packages and scheduled same to export vendor data and to import client data and status info

This project involved supporting an existing environment for Prosperiti and its clients with the Dev/QA hosted in-house and the Production environment in the NOC.  The databases for new clients also required data modeling and implementing customized solutions.  The solutions were implemented on the Development Servers as per the requirements documents and deployed on the Production server upon approval from QA.

Environment: Win 2000 Advanced Server,2003 Server, XP, Visual Studios 6.0, MS SQL 2000, PGP, DTS Backup 2000, VNC, Terminal Server, IIS 5.0


05/02 - 08/03         HP                                                                                             Atlanta, GA

*Development of Order Purchase Management (OPM) and Order Fulfillment Management System (OFM)

·         Re-designed the existing database structure

°         Documented the re-design Developed an application to tie in the local network to the web-based solution.

·         Modified code and front-end form in MS Access

·         Provided flowchart designs and  analysis to the migration team

·         Migration to MS SQL Server

*OPM/OFM system migrated to a web application called PROPHET

Environment: MS Access, VBA, VB 6.0, MS SQL Server

**Application Support for Consulting and Integration

·         Supported various applications from front end design to support

·         KMS (Knowledge Management System) and K-Net (Knowledge Network)

°         User support - Supported every aspect of the web application

°         Track calls via BLT

°         Provide monthly Reports

°         Helped various teams fix errors in the ASP code in the application

·         PROPHET (previously OPM/OFM)

°         Provided detailed analysis and user support

·         Smartcube (reporting application)

°         Ran monthly reports in coordination with the worldwide team

°         Monitored queue and followed procedures in troubleshooting and resolving problems using Essbase Manager tool

°         Provided documentation and training

·         Supported the HP UX Servers; ran scripts, cronjobs, wrote monitoring scripts, backup scripts, etc.

·         Administered the SQL Server and Cold Fusion MX Servers in the NT and Win2k platforms and supported Oracle in HPUX platform

    *Knowledge systems included a complete online collaboration environment for all HP personnel worldwide

Environment: HPUX, MS Access, VBA, VB 6.0, ASP, Oracle, MS SQL Server, NT Server, IIS 4, Hyperion Essbase,  Remote Desktop.


05/01 – 07/01        Bass Hotels and Resorts                                                           Atlanta, GA

Access & SQL DBA/Developer

·         Recreated Bristol Database:  Created Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports and Modules – Data Modeling, Database creation and Front end development

°         Created Order entry system for Hotels, Buildings, Facilities Information and Project Details

°         Phases II, III and IV moved to a SoftTech contract (See SoftTech, Inc. Above)

Environment: Access 97/2000, VBA, VB 6.0, MS Windows 95, MS-SQL Server, ASP, MS Front Page, Visual Interdev


1/01 – 3/01          IBM                                                                                          Atlanta, GA

VB Coder

·         Wrote code to control the API functions of Siebel Call Center product

·         Used Siebel Tools and documentation to break down various components of Siebel

·         Wrote code for the OLE Automation Server and COM Data Server

·         Modularized the code for efficient execution

·         Trained in Application Expert (a Network monitoring and Latency prediction tool)

·         Used LoadRunner to “farm” code out to workstations

This project involved writing code to duplicate user interaction with Siebel.  We were given several “Common User” scenarios to write code for.  Siebel Tools is a massive library of functions/methods, Business Components, etc. available in Siebel.  I was trained in Application Expert to be the backup Network lead in the project because of my background in Networking.  Once the coding and testing modules were complete (for single user,) we tested the maximum load capacity with LoadRunner.  I established coding standards (modularizations) and naming conventions.

Environment: Windows2000 Pro, VB 6.0, MS SQL 7.0, DB2, Siebel Call Center, Siebel Tools, Application Expert, LoadRunner, OLE Automation Server, COM Data Server


7/00 – 12/00        AT&T Broadband/Media One                                       Jacksonville, FL

Systems Analyst

·         Helped with the transition from Media One to AT&T Broadband

°         Audited the network for compliance of AT&T Corporate Security Standards

°         Setup and trained the team in MS Project and Remedy Help Desk

°         Setup up Naming Conventions and rollout strategies

·         Security Project Lead

°         Standardized Network shares and permissions

°         Audited Domain accounts for potential security risks

°         Implemented Policies and lockdowns

°         Standardized Anti Virus scheduling and logging

·         Implemented and administered MS SQL Server 7.0

·         Implemented Oracle Hot Standby for mission critical production database

·         Implemented Terminal Server to access 3rd party software (Canal +) with a single-user license key for multi user access.

·         Provided Server level support and Network Services such as Systems Design, Analysis and Architecture

·         Built VB and Access Applications for Network Administration ease of use

·         Supervised Tier 2 Help Desk

Environment:  IIS4, FTP Server, Oracle, Visual Basic, MS SQL 7.0, Canal +, McAfee, Terminal Server, MS Access.


1/00 – 6/00          Merryl Lynch Credit Corp                                             Jacksonville, FL

COM Developer

·         Part of a team of developers who were converting the Informix databases to MS SQL Server 7.0

·         Developed COM components to interface SQL Databases with various front ends using VB 6.0.

·         Developed complete Web Solution interfacing front end with MTS and SQL Server 7.0

·         Designed and implemented the front end using HTML and ASP

·         Install and configure IIS and MS SQL 7.0 Servers

Environment:  IIS4, Visual Basic, MS SQL 7.0, MS Access, VBA, ASP, Interdev, CSS

9/99 - 1/00           Innovative Marketing Solutions, Inc.                            Jacksonville, FL

Web Designer

·         Planned and designed the layout of the website

·         Used FrontPage 2000 to publish and notepad to maintain site

·         Used Flash 4 to create a home page

·         Created applications to suit the business needs:

Designed and developed web application to provide information to the customers on the status of their inquiry and purchase orders. Had the customers’ service request sent to the appropriate department. Designed Front end web pages using HTML. Wrote ASP Pages with Visual Interdev to process client requisitions. Used MTS to connect to SQL 7.0 database. Used IIS 4 for hosting the application. Performed function testing and documentation.

Environment: Visual InterDev, VB Script, ASP, COM/DCOM, HTML, MS SQL 7.0 and Win NT

08/97 – 8/99          National Auto Finance Company, Inc.                           Jacksonville, FL

Network Support/Backup Network Admin.

Responsibilities include Administration of the Windows NT Network, Exchange Server, WinPort and Right Fax Admin.  Also work closely with BNI (a Visual Basic Application designed for NAFI to tie Customer Service with Collections and Accounting.) trouble shoot network and software problems, and train the employees in the use of the system and other applications.  Maintained Corporate Web Site using VB, Visual Interdev and client-side Java Script.  Work on NT Servers and Workstations interfacing with Netware 4.0 Servers.  Migration from Novell Netware 4.0 to NT.  Performed Software rollouts using SMS, Install Shield and Ghost.

·         Implemented WINS, DHCP, Fault Tolerance/Disaster Recovery, installed IIS, Proxy Server, Exchange Server, and documented Policies and Procedures for the various tasks performed on the WAN environment.

·         Instrumental in the building of NAFINET, a Microsoft Windows NT domain used by National Auto Finance Company, Inc., which included the setup of over 150 DEC and 100 Gateway PCs, registering them on the network, and installing and configuring the AS/400 system.  Installed and configured HP Kayak Servers and HP Vectra Workstations.

·         Installed and configured several programs and applications such as ADP PC Payroll, Winstar, Winframe, Remote Desktop, FYI Imaging system, SQL Server 6.5, ODBC 16, McAfee, etc.

·         Built and repaired old Compaq computers in a temporary facility and setup the AS/400 system to run on a Novell Netware Network for a collections department.